How to Lock a Windows 11 PC?

On Windows 11, keeping your  PC locked when you leave your computer is a good habit. This way, you ensure that no unauthorized person can access your computer in your absence. Windows 11 also has a dynamic lock feature that protects your PC when you’re not around. Regardless of your reason for manually locking your PC, you should know that there are several ways to lock your computer. When we say lock your PC, we’re not telling you to use a physical lock. Instead, we’re talking about using a software lock feature built into Windows 11. Windows displays a login screen when you lock your PC, but your Windows session remains active in the background.

In these cases, you can shut down your PC or log out of your user account, but you will lose your unsaved work. So when you have some tasks, you can always lock and unlock your PC to get on with your jobs. If you want to ensure others can’t access your data while away from your PC, this risewindows article will show how to lock a Windows 11 PC.

How to Lock a Windows 11 PC using a Keyboard Shortcut?

If you want to lock Windows 11 as fast as possible, the Windows lock screen shortcut is your best option. Press Windows + L simultaneously on your keyboard to lock your Windows 11 device. The Windows 11 lock screen is displayed immediately.

How to Lock a Windows 11 PC using the Start Menu?

The Windows 11 Start menu offers another quick way to lock your screen. First, press the Windows key or the Start button on your taskbar to open the Start menu, and click or tap your username in the bottom left corner. In the menu that appears, select Lock. That’s it. Your PC will lock, and you’ll need to sign in again to use it.

How to Lock Your Windows 11 using the Ctrl+Alt+Delete Screen?

Here, this is the another quick way to lock Windows 11 starts by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del simultaneously on your keyboard. It opens the Ctrl Alt Delete screen, where the first option is Lock your Windows 11 device. Click or tap on it. You can also use this screen to launch Task Manager, which is used in the following Windows 11 lockdown method.

How to Lock Windows 11 Automatically using Screensaver?

You can use a screen saver to have Windows 11 lock the screen automatically when it is idle for a certain period. To do that, open the Start menu and search for screensaver. Then click or tap “Turn screen saver on or off” or “Change screen saver.” It opens the Screen Saver Settings window. Firstly, choose one of the available options in the Screen Saver drop-down menu other than (None).

Now, in the Wait box, set the number of minutes that should pass before your PC locks up. Lastly, make sure to check the option “On resume, show the login screen” and click or tap OK. If you are idle for as many minutes as you choose, your screen saver starts, and the screensaver gets triggered automatically, and your PC will lock.

How to Lock a Windows 11 PC using the Task Manager?

Firstly, open Task Manager and, if necessary, expand it by pressing the More details button in the lower left corner. Then go to the Users tab, select the current user account, and click or tap Disconnect in the bottom right corner.

How to Lock a Windows 11 PC with Lock Screen Command?

If you work with command line interfaces, you can lock down Windows 11 using Command Prompt, PowerShell, or Windows Terminal. The Windows lock screen command can also run from the Run window. Open the app you want and insert the following command, and hit Enter key on the keyboard:-:

rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

Windows 11 device will be locked when you execute the above command.

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