How to Link an Android Phone to Windows 11?


Phone Link is available for Windows 11/10 and is one of the apps that come pre-installed when you buy a Windows laptop or PC. As the new name suggests, this offers an easy way to connect your Android smartphone and Windows desktop. The latest version of Phone Link gives you remote access to many of your phone’s most popular features.

It includes viewing and responding to notifications, making phone calls, and sending text messages. You can also control quick settings, manage photos, and run Android apps on Windows 11. Even only a few phones have aLink to Windows feature built into device settings.

In addition, the company’s foldable devices and two generations of Surface Duo and Samsung’s phones support. The complete list is available on the Microsoft website. Both machines should have Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, and mobile data turned on and in range to link an Android mobile and Windows PC. Further, your PC needs the “Your Phone” app that Windows 11 already includes by default.

Update: Windows 11 “Your Phone” app is now known as “Phone Link.”

How to Link Android Phone to Windows 11?

Step 1. Firstly, open the Settings app by clicking Windows + I keys.

Step 2. Now, select Bluetooth & devices from the left sidebar.

Step 3. Then, on the right-side pane, click Your Phone.

Step 4. After that, click the Open Your Phone button.

Step 5. Next, the “Your Phone” app opens. Click the Get Started button.

Step 6. Now, click on the “Sign in” button and sign in to your Microsoft account. If you have already signed into your computer with a Microsoft account, the “Your Phone” app will not prompt you to sign in. You can continue with the next steps.

Step 7. Then, it would help if you paired your phone with your PC. For that, check the box, “I have the Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows app ready,” and click the button Pair with QR code.

After that, you are going to pair your phone with a computer. You’ll need the Your Phone Companion app on your phone. So, open the ““ link on your phone and install the app.

Step 8. When the “Your Phone Companion” app installs, open it. Tap “Link your phone and PC” and then “Continue.” Now, face the phone camera towards the QR code of the PC to scan.

Step 9. Finally, your PC and phone should be linked when pairing completes. Click the Continue button.

After completing all the steps, you should manage text messages, photos, calls, etc., from your Android phone.

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