How to Know Wi-Fi Version on Windows 11 or 10?

Branded as Wi-Fi 6, the 802.11ax standard went live in 2019 and is the upgraded version. Along with added security, Wi-Fi 6 gives you better performance and coverage.

Although Windows is familiar with Wi-Fi version 6, all systems don’t provide you with an adapter for it. Being familiar with your Wi-Fi version is essential since it helps you know about its connectivity and other features.

If you don’t know the Wi-Fi version your computer uses but don’t know how to do it, this risewindows article will guide you.

We have gathered information to help you understand the different versions of Wi-Fi connections. For example, 802.11, 802.11b, etc., are the IEEE standards, renamed as Wi-Fi versions so that people can understand them easily.

Mentioned below are the different IEEE standards and the versions they represent. Have a look at them, and we will start with the steps right after:-

  • 802.11 – Wi-Fi 0
  • 802.11b – Wi-Fi 1
  • 802.11a – Wi-Fi 2
  • 802.11g – Wi-Fi 3
  • 802.11n – Wi-Fi 4
  • 802.11ac – Wi-Fi 5
  • 802.11ax – Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E
  • 802.11be – Wi-Fi 7

As we have discussed before, Wi-Fi 6 is the 6th generation Wi-Fi known as AX Wi-Fi or 802.11ax Wi-Fi, and as is obvious, it comes with several advances over its older peers.

It is designed to ensure that each device connected to the same network can get the higher data rates. If you want to upgrade yours to this version, you must know if your system supports Wi-Fi 6.

It mainly works on the technology to reduce network congestion and lets the users connect more devices to the same network.

It uses the MU-MIMO (multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output) technology which helps a Wi-Fi router to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously.

How to Check Wi-Fi Version on Windows 11 or 10 using Command Prompt?

Step 1: Firstly, Open Command Prompt.

Step 2: After that, navigate through the following and press Enter:-

netsh wlan show drivers

Step 3: Find “Network & Internet,” click on Wi-Fi you see on its right side.

Step 4: Click on Wi-Fi properties.

Step 5: You can find your Wi-Fi version besides the Protocol field. It will be something like “Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n).”

How to Find your Windows 10 PC is Connected to which Wi-Fi Protocol?

Step 1: Begin by Opening Windows 10 Settings.

Step 2: After that, click on Network & Internet.

Step 3: Now, find Wi-Fi. Under the “Network & Internet” section.

Step 4: Once on the Wi-Fi Settings page, go to the Hardware properties link.

Step 5: In the following screen, beside the “Protocol” field, you can see the Wi-Fi version you’re using. For example, my PC is connected to Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n).

There you go. A few simple steps, and the problem is solved.

You guys are amazing; keep reading, learning, and growing.

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