How to Keep Calculator Always on Top on Windows 10?

The Calculator app is one of the most used regardless of who you are and your profession. If you use the calculator app a lot, here’s how to keep it in mind in Windows 10. Windows 11/10 has a native calculator app that’s pretty good. It has schedulers, graphs, scientific functions, data calculation, a standard calculator, and a history function. You can also use it for currency conversions, length measurements, area calculations, time conversions, etc.

Sometimes you may also want to overlay it on other apps. So you don’t have to constantly switch back and forth between an app and the Windows 10 calculator. While some good, free third-party tools allow you to always display a window on top of other windows or tools, the Calculator app has a built-in feature that will enable you to do this. Also, you can always go back to full-screen or normal mode so that the Calculator app doesn’t stay visible on top of other open tools.

Before you try this feature, you should be aware that it only works when you are in the default mode of the calculator app. If you are using the scientific mode, graph mode, converter mode, or any other mode, it will not work. If the calculator app is not working for some reason, you can make some fixes to get it working again and then try this feature. This risewindows post will help you always put the calculator app on top of other open tools or apps.

How to keep Calculator always on top of Windows 10?

Please ensure this feature works only when you are in the calculator app’s Standard mode before proceeding with the steps. For your information, If you will switch to a scientific, graphic, converter, or another mode, then always staying on the top feature will not work. For that, use the following steps:-

Step 1. First, press Windows + R keys simultaneously to open the Run Command box.

Step 2. Now, type calc on the Run box and hit []keybt]Enter[/keybt] from the keyboard to run the Calculator app.

Step 3. Then, once the Calculator app runs, check that it runs on Standard mode.


Step 4. After that, click on the icon “Always on top,” or also, you can use the shortcut keys Alt + up  from the keyboard to keep the Calculator app on the top of opened windows.

Here, click on the icon “Back to full view,” or you can also use the shortcut keys Alt + Down o go back to the normal mode.

Quick Note: After closing the Calculator app, you must repeat the same procedure to stay on top of other windows.

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