How to Install Windows 11 without an Internet Connection?


Starting Windows 11 build 22557, you need an active internet connection to finish the initial setup (out-of-box experience (OOBE)) for the Home and Pro editions. When initially installing Windows 11, it wants to connect to the internet. Microsoft wants you to create an account for your new device or when doing a clean install using a data connection. It is almost impossible to continue installing a fresh Windows 11 without an internet connection.

During the Windows 11 setup, if there is no active internet connection on the device, you will see the “Oops, you’ve lost internet connection page. Let’s go back and connect to your network again.” page. You will get a prompt to connect to the internet if you click the Retry button.

In older Windows 11, people could skip this requirement and continue installing Windows 11 offline with a local account, but the same is no longer possible in the latest build.

For those who don’t have an internet connection when installing Windows 11 Home or want a more traditional offline experience, you need to bypass the requirement and finish configuring the OOBE out-of-box experience) without an internet connection.

If you want to install Windows 11 from scratch without an active internet connection, this risewindows article will guide you to bypass the same.

How to Install Windows 11 without an Internet Connection?

Do these steps to install Windows 11 without an internet connection:-

Step 1. Connect the Windows 11 USB flash drive to your PC and start your PC.

Step 2. When prompted, hit any key to boot from the USB drive.

Step 3. Pick language, time & currency format, and keyboard input method. Then, tap the Next button.

Step 4. Hit Install now.

Step 5. When prompted for a product key, type the genuine product key if you have one or click the link I don’t have a product key.

Step 6. Pick the Windows 11 edition you want to install and tap the Next button.

Step 7. Check the checkbox, “I accept the Microsoft Software Licence Terms. If an organization is licensing it, I am authorized to bind the organization,” and hit the Next button.

Step 8. After that, you will see two options:-

  • Upgrade: Install Windows and keep files, settings, and applications.
  • Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).

Since you will install a fresh Windows 11, select the second option, “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).”

Step 9. Pick a partition on which you want to install Windows 11 and hit the Next button.

Step 10. You should see the installation progress of your Windows 11. Your system will start copying the required files to run Windows 11. After that, it will reboot automatically.

Step 11. Select the country and hit the Yes option.

Step 12. Pick keyboard layout setting.

Step 13. Hit the Yes button.

Step 14. Hit the Skip button if you do not want to add a second layout.

Step 15. When you see on the screen “Let’s connect you to a network,” press the Shift + F10 (If your keyboard includes the Function key, then use Fn + Shift + F10 keys) keyboard shortcut to open Command Prompt.

Step 16. In Command Prompt window, type OOBE\BYPASSNRO and hit Enter key on the keyboard to bypass network requirements on Windows 11.

Step 17. After that, your PC will restart automatically. Next, the out-of-box experience (OOBE) will open again. Here, choose your country and hit the Yes button.

Step 18. Choose keyboard layout and click the Next button.

Step 19. Click the link I don’t have internet.

Step 20. Click the link Continue with a limited setup.

Step 21. In the “Enter your name” field, type the user name you would like to use on your Windows 11 PC and then press the Next button.

Step 22. Enter the password for the user name and then press the Next button.

Step 23. Confirm the password and click the Next button.

Step 24. You need to select the security question and reply with the answer. You have to choose three security questions one by one and need to respond to them. Then, click the Next button.

Step 25. Now you will see privacy settings options. By default, all the options will turn On. If you wish, you can toggle Off to disable them. Finally, click the Accept button.

That’s all.

Now, you have successfully installed Windows 11 without an active internet connection. The Settings app will be opened automatically after finishing the Windows 11 installation.

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