How to Install only Security Updates and Block all Non-security Updates on Windows 11 or 10?


Automatically, Windows 11 and Windows 10 download default. Install the updates when it is available on the Microsoft server. While you can pause or resume Windows 11 Updates if you need. But, Microsoft does not provide more control over Windows Updates.

Even if it is recommended to keep the Windows Automatic Updates option enabled. As it comes with security updates and new features, a buggy update may often make your computer fully or partially unserviceable. For that reason, many users are looking for a way to Block or Turn off Automatic Windows Updates.

As hinted above, Windows 11/10 automatically downloads and installs Windows Updates by default. You won’t even notice the updates until you turn off or restart your machine. However, a few tools let you control your device and the Windows Updates better. GRC InControl is one such tool that allows you to manage Windows Updates.

InControl for Windows 11 and 10

At the start, GRC InControl is a freeware tool that allows you to manage Windows 10 and 11 easily. Controlling Windows updating and upgrading. It is a one-click utility that controls all non-security updates on your Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems. Pretty easy to use, and no technical knowledge is required.

With the InControl tool, you can install only Security Updates and block all Non-security Updates. In other words, your Windows version will remain where it is. No new Non-security Updates, Feature Updates, or Version Updates will be downloaded or installed.

Download the tool from its official website to control Windows Updates. Double-click the downloaded executable file to launch it. And click on the Take Control button.

Once it’s done, it takes control over the automatic updating and upgrading system and targets a specific major version and feature update release. By default, it stops Windows Updates to the current release. But if you need, you can edit it to whatever version you want.

When you launch the app, it displays the version/release of your PC. Once you click the Take Control button, it greys out the ‘Take Control’ button. That means Windows will remain on its current version and install only the monthly security updates until you press the Release Control button.

Release the control once, and you’ll be able to change the next version and release. For example, you can change Version 10 to 22H1 and click on the button Take Control. After that, the program will target the 22H1 feature release and offer the installation once it is available. Your system will remain there if you don’t release the control.


Generally, InControl is a free and easy-to-use app. It is a straightforward and lightweight tool that doesn’t need to install on your PC. To take complete control of Windows Updates, download InControl. Double-click on the executable file to run on your PC.

Download InControl

You can download it from here. That’s it.

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