How to Insert Page Numbers in Word without Losing the Header or Footer?

Microsoft provides its users with a feature that you can use to add or inset header/footer and page numbers in Microsoft Word. You can add headers with page numbers or footer with page numbers according to your needs. Many users try and fail to do it as they have trouble adding both header/footer and page numbers simultaneously. You can easily insert page numbers in word without losing the header or footer.

The page number disappears if you manage to set the header/footer up. Similarly, if you have inserted the page number, the header/footer vanishes. That is why we are here with this risewindows article.

You face this issue because Microsoft Word treats both the “Header/Footer” and the “Page Number” as building blocks and, as a result, replaces one with another.

How to Insert Page Numbers in Word without Losing the Header?

Follow these steps to insert Page Numbers in a Word document without losing the Header:-

Step 1: Open the Word document where you want to insert page numbers.

Step 2: Next, in the Insert tab, select the Header button.

Step 3: Choose a built-in header design that you want to use from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Double-click on the free space where you want to insert page numbers and place your cursor on the header.

Step 5: Simultaneously press the Alt + Shift + P keys to insert a PAGE field. After you complete it, you will find the page number in the PAGE field.

You can further customize the page number. To do that, after selecting the page number move to the Insert tab and choose Page Number > Current Position. You have various options available that you can choose, for example, Accent Bar 1.

Once you complete all the above steps, you will find a header containing the page numbers.

You can insert page numbers along the Footer in your Microsoft Word document.

That is it.

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