How to Insert and Delete Page Numbers in Microsoft Word?


If you are working on a document with several pages, numbering them would make your work relatively easy. Luckily, Microsoft Word provides you with a feature that lets you do that. You might be wondering how to do it; to help you out, we are here with this risewindows article. By adding numbers, we don’t mean you’d have to go to every page and then manually number them. We here will teach you how you can go to any page of your document and add page numbers at the top (header) or bottom (footer), or any other part of the page. You can even personalize it by choosing from various styles (top-right corner, bottom-center, top-left corner, bottom-left corner, etc.).

How to Add Page Numbers in a Word Document?

Follow through these steps to add page numbers in a Word document:-

Step 1: Go to the Microsoft Word document that you want to add numbers.

Step 2: Select the Page Number button and go to the Insert tab.

Step 3: You will have a whole list of built-in “Page Number” designs that you can choose. Each one of them consists of several options. Choose the one that suits you.

Step 4: You can also customize the page numbering. Select and move it to the Home Screen or another tab, and customize it according to your requirements. Note that the changes will appear on every page of your word document.

Once you complete it, click on the Close Header and Footer button under the “Design” tab.

Your system will number all the pages after completing the above steps.

How to Remove Page Numbers in a Word Document?

Use these steps to remove page numbers in a Word document:-

Step 1: First, open the Microsoft Word document you want to work with on your computer.

Step 2: Go to the Insert tab and select the Page Number button.

Step 3: Finally, select the Remove Page Numbers option from the drop-down list.

Your system will number all the pages after completing the above steps.

That is it.

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