How to Insert a YouTube Video into a Word Document?


Word allows you to include the video directly in the document. Then you don’t need to click on the link to the video and launch a separate browser to watch it. Adding a YouTube video to a Microsoft Word document can be helpful. It can help you get your point across or help with training.

The YouTube video might be a great addition to your Word document. Video sharing has become standard on YouTube. Using mixed media in Word documents is a great way to provide additional context to your work and make your documents more attractive.

To become more engaging in youtube, you must follow this post. However, you will learn how to edit youtube videos. This risewindows article will describe “how to add a YouTube video to your Microsoft Word document.”

How to Add a YouTube Video to a Word Document?

To insert a YouTube video into your Word document, follow these steps:-

Step 1. First, open YouTube in any browser. Now open the video you want to insert into your Word document.

Step 2. Then, select the video’s URL in the browser’s address bar. After that, copy it using the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut.

Alternatively, click the Share option under the video.

Next, the Share dialog will open. Click the Embed option in the Share window.

After that, the Embed Video window will appear. Then, select the entire code within the box (Ctrl+A) and copy (Ctrl+C) it. Optionally, if you want to start the video from a specific time, check the box Start at and enter the desired time.

Step 3. Once the URL or embed code is copied to your clipboard, open your Word document and place the cursor inside it.

Step 4. Next, click the Insert tab and then click the Online Videos button in the Media group.

Step 5. The “Insert a video” dialog box will appear under your Word document when you’re done. Here, paste (Ctrl+V) the URL or embed code in the text box and then click the Insert button.

After completing the above steps, the video will be inserted into your Word document. Clicking the Play button will make the video pop out in the foreground while the background is dimmed. Again press the Play button to play the video.

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