How to Group Apps in Folders on Windows 11 Start Menu?


Like mobiles, now you can group apps on your Windows 11. This change has been implemented in a recent Insider update on the Dev channel. Now, you can keep several apps in a folder on the Start menu. You can quickly access your favorite apps from a folder. This feature is handy for pinning several apps on the Windows 11 Start menu.

Microsoft enhanced Windows 11 Start Menu and added the option to add more pins. Those who do not want to use more pins can now use the grouping feature. The Windows developers have now added that feature to the Start menu. Now, you can group your favorite apps in folders, saving a lot of space on the Start menu and giving you more room to pin more apps.

Grouping-of-Apps-in-Windows-11-Start-MenuHow to Group Apps in Folder on the Windows 11 Start Menu?

One can organize pinned apps on the Start menu and group them into folders. This feature is available starting with Windows 11 build 22557. If your computer enrolls in the Microsoft Insider Preview program, you can start using it. Others must wait for a significant update of the Windows 11 stable version.

Grouping similar apps in the Start menu is relatively easy, and all you need to do is drag and drop action. Just drag one app to another app, and grouping is complete.

A grouping folder automatically creates once the apps are together. You can rearrange them by selecting the folder and moving it to another place on the Start menu when groups are formed.

To remove an app from a group, click on the grouping folder to expand and drag your desired app into the Start menu. The selected app will now remove from the group. It helps in arranging the apps on the Start menu.

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