How to Force Wi-Fi to Connect Over 5GHz on Windows 11/10?


Wi-Fi connections are usually 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz. These connections are different and are not suitable for all devices. Your Windows 11 or 10 computer will generally connect with a higher intensity to the Wi-Fi network rather than the one that may be faster, for example, 5 GHz. Fortunately, we can force our Windows 11 computer to always connect to the 5 GHz Wi-Fi network.

To understand why most users prefer to connect to the Internet using a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection on their Windows 11 computers, you need to understand the difference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi connections; know the connections. Then this risewindows post will show you how to force your Windows 11 computer to always connect to the 5 GHz Wi-Fi network.

Difference Between 2.4GHz And 5GHz Wi-Fi

2.4GHz: The 2.4GHz Wi-Fi offers a larger coverage area to the Wi-Fi user than the 5GHz one. And, to top it off, it also penetrates through solid objects quickly. It has a maximum speed of 150Mbps and a maximum signal range of ~410ft. The drawback to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router is that it has a lower bandwidth or speed. Also, this band is more susceptible to interferences and disturbances as more devices actively use this frequency.

5GHz: The 5Ghz Wi-Fi router offers more convenience than the 2.4Ghz one. For one, it has a higher data range. Secondly, as fewer devices use this frequency, it is not as prone to interferences as a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router. And the internet speed is fantastic for a Wi-Fi router at home! Unlike a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router, this does not have a wide coverage area and is not the best at penetrating solid objects.

How to Force Wi-Fi to Connect Over 5GHz on Windows 11/10?

If you notice that your Wi-Fi router is running slow and the internet speeds aren’t up to the mark, it might be because you are using the 2.4GHz band. You can change the band your wireless card will connect to in the future. It can do in the advanced driver settings in the Device Manager. Perform the following steps:

Step 1. Firstly, open the Power Menu by pressing Windows + X keyboard shortcut, and then select Device Manager from the pop-up menu.

Step 2. When the Device Manager window opens, double-click on the Network adapters to expand it.

Device-Manager-Network-adapters-1 (3)

Step 3. Then, select your Wi-Fi adaptor and then right-click on it. Select Properties from the pop-up menu when it is complete.

Step 4. After that, switch to the Advanced tab in the Wi-Fi Properties dialog.

Step 5. Next, under the “Property” list, choose the “Preferred Band” option.

Step 6. So, click the drop-down menu “Value” and select 3. I prefer a 5GHz band.

Step 7. At last, click on the OK button.

Now that you have configured your Windows PC, always prefer the 5GHz band, disconnect the Wi-Fi, and connect again. Your internet or network speed should increase if your router supports the 5GHz band and will enable it in settings.

Depending on your wireless router’s manufacturer, you can access a Windows supplicant/application to drive your adapter. But remember that the embedded Windows supplicant will not deny a connection in the future. It means that even if you specify your preference for 5GHz, it will connect to the 2.4GHz to maintain the connectivity if it goes south.

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