How to Enable or Disable Transparency Effects in Windows 11?

The Windows 11 operating system is the latest version of Microsoft. The transparency feature in Windows 11 allows some windows backgrounds, taskbars, and menus to be transparent. The quality is exciting for users.

Windows 11 automatically enables this feature by default. The transparent element feature can be turned off on the user’s computer/laptop if they choose not to use it.

Transparency effects on Windows 11 can be easily enabled or disabled via the Settings app. With the help of this risewindows article, you can enable and disable Transparency Effects in Windows using the Settings app.

How do I Enable or Disable Transparency Effects on Windows 11 apps?

To turn on or turn off the transparency effects feature on Windows 11, do the following steps:-

First Method:

Step 1. Open the Setting App by pressing Windows + I keys simultaneously from the keyboard.

Alternatively, click on the Start button on the taskbar or press the Windows key from the keyboard and click on the Settings gear icon.

Step 2. In the Settings, select the Accessibility category from the left sidebar, and then click on the Visual effects tab on the right-hand side of it.

Step 3. In Visual effects settings, turn off the toggle switch beside Transparency effects to disable or enable this feature on your Windows 11 PC.

The changes are immediate, so once you turn the toggle switch to the On or Off position, you will see the changes on the opened settings app. Again, we are attaching the above image when the “Transparency effects” is turned off to compare the transparency.

Second Method:

Step 1. Open the Setting App by pressing Windows + I keys simultaneously from the keyboard.

Step 2. When Windows Settings opens, select Personalization category from the left side pane.


Step 3. Click the Colors tab on the right sidebar.


Step 4. Turn the toggle switch On/Off beside the Transparency effectsoption.

Once you turn off Transparency effects, Windows 11 will change all transparent windows to opaque. Once you make the desired changes, you can close the settings app.

How to Use Registry Editor to Turn On/Off Transparency Effects in Windows 11?

To turn on or turn off transparency effects in Windows 11 using Registry Editor, use the following steps:-

Step 1. Firstly, Open the Registry Editor.

Step 2. When Registry Editor opens, navigate to the following path in the left side pane:-


Step 3. On the right side pane, look for DWORD EnableTransparency and then double-click on that to modify it. Enter the following in the “Value data” field:-

  • 0 – Disable the transparency effect.
  • 1 – Enable transparency effect.

Step 4. Then, click the ok button.

When you complete the above steps, the transparency effect will be enabled or disabled according to your settings.

That’s it.

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