How to Enable or Disable Tab Snooze Feature in Opera?

There are various browsers available to browse the internet on your computer and on your laptop. You get their upgrades from time to time to keep up with trends and security features. They are upgraded with various features that allow you to customize your browsing experience.

For example, you can customize the theme or background of your browsers. Additionally, your browsers have a feature for saving memory or resources for inactive browser tabs. It is known by different names in different browsers.

Microsoft Edge, for instance, has a function known as Sleeping Tabs. Mozilla Firefox has a similar process called Tab Sleep. Opera has a function called Tab Snooze. Although all of these functions have different names, they perform similar tasks.

This risewindows article will discuss how you can turn ON or OFF the Tab Snooze feature. Keep reading until the end for detailed instructions.

In Opera, how do I enable or disable the tab snooze feature?

Use the following to enable or disable the Tab Snooze feature in the Opera browser:-

Step 1: Open the Opera browser on your computer. Once you do that, open the Opera Menu and click on settings.

You can also use the Alt + P key combination after opening the browser to do so.

Step 2: Next, go to the Advanced Settings Options by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on the “Advanced” link.

Step 3: Croll down to the “User Interface” section.

Step 4: Once in the “User interface” section, find the “Snooze inactive tabs to save memory.”

Step 5: Turn the “Tab Snooze” feature ON or OFF in the Opera browser by switching this toggle according to the requirements.

That is it.

You guys are amazing; keep reading, learning, and growing.

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