How to Enable or Disable Memory Saver Mode in Chrome?

There are several browsers available all over the Internet and you can choose and use the one that you like. However, because it consumes a lot of RAM, Google Chrome is the fastest browser in the entire world. Memory Saver Mode, a new performance feature in Google Chrome’s most recent release, was just launched.

With the use of this functionality, browsers use less RAM and battery power on battery-operated devices. You could have numerous tabs open while using Google Chrome to browse the internet. All of these tabs, even the ones you aren’t using right now, use up RAM.

By deactivating inactive Chrome tabs, Memory Saver is a special feature that frees up memory and system resources, allowing other active tabs to use more RAM and provide you a smoother experience.

This is helpful for running complicated programmes that need additional RAM, such as streaming videos, editing videos, playing online games, etc.

If you visit an inactive tab, it will immediately refresh. Here’s how to switch Chrome’s Memory Saver Mode on or off. In this risewindows article, we are going to discuss how you can enable or disable Memory Saver Mode in Chrome. Keep reading for the detailed instructions.

How to Enable or Disable Memory Saver Mode in Chrome?

Use these steps to turn on or off Memory Saver Mode in the Google Chrome browser:-

Step 1: First, open the Google Chrome web browser on your computer.

Step 2: Open a new tab in the Google Chrome browser after that.

Step 3: Type chrome:/flags/ in the address box and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Step 4: After that, enter the word “efficiency” in the Search flags search field.

Step 5: Next, click on the drop-down menu next to the phrase “Enable the high-efficiency mode function in the settings” and choose Enabled.

Step 6: To finish, restart your Chrome browser by clicking on the Relaunch button in the bottom-right corner.

Step 7: Select More tools > Performance from the three-dot menu by clicking on it.

Step 8: Toggle Memory Saver On or Off to enable or disable the feature.

That is it.

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