How to Enable or Disable Automatic Updates for Other Microsoft Products on Windows 11?


Automatically, Windows downloads and installs updates when Windows updates are available at the Microsoft server. At the same time, you can disable the Windows automatic updates. Update your PC manually if you need. Likewise, you can enable or disable automatic updates of Microsoft Store Apps on Windows 11. If you prefer to download other Microsoft products updates and Windows 11 updates, such as MS Office or other development tools, this risewindows article will guide you.

Then, once you enable this feature, Windows 11 updates will include other Microsoft products updates. Also, when they are available. By doing this, you can keep your device and other Microsoft products safe.

How to Turn On or Off Automatic Updates for Other Microsoft Products in Windows 11?

Windows 11 is designed to download and automatically install the updates. If you need, you can also configure your Windows PC. To download and update other Microsoft products. When Windows Updates are available while downloading, it will also look for other Microsoft products updates. If available, it will also download that.

To enable or disable automatic updates for other Microsoft products in Windows 11, do the following:-
Step 1. Open the Windows Settings by clicking the Windows + I keys on the keyboard.
Step 2. Now, when the Settings window appears on your screen. Select the Windows Update in the left sidebar.
Step 3. Click the Advanced options tile on the right sidebar.
Step 4. Then, on the Advanced options settings page. Turn On or Off the toggle switch that says “Receive updates for other Microsoft products.”
Finally, by doing the changes mentioned above, you enable or disable the automatic updates for other Microsoft Products in Windows 11. That’s it for the article.

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