How to Enable and Use Dynamic Lock on Windows 10?

On the windows 10 update Microsoft includes a new feature called Dynamic Lock. When you step away from your PC/laptop, it automatically locks your PC/laptop.

The dynamic lock feature uses with Bluetooth-enabled devices paired with your PC. When the paired device is out of range, The Dynamic lock feature turns off the PC/laptop just after 30 seconds. The dynamic lock feature is another layer of security.

In this risewindows article, we will guide you on Enable and Use Dynamic Lock on Windows 10.

How to Set up and Use Dynamic Lock on Windows 10?

To enable the Dynamic Lock feature on your Windows 10 machine:-

Step 1.  Firstly, you need to pair a Bluetooth device to your computer, such as iPhone or Android phone.

Step 2. Then, you can turn ON Dynamic Lock in the Settings app.

How to Pair a Bluetooth Device to Windows 10?

To pair a Bluetooth device with your Windows 10 notebook, do the following steps:-

Step 1.  Firstly, launch Windows Settings.

Step 2. Next, click on Devices.


Step 3. Then, select Bluetooth & other devices in the left sidebar.


Step 4. After that, click the Add Bluetooth or another device button on the right sidebar.

Step 5. In the “Add a device” window, click on the Bluetooth tile.

Add-a-device-890x1024 (1)

Step 6. Then, Turn on Bluetooth on your phone you want to pair with your Windows 10 machine.

Step 7. Now, On your PC, select your device from the list.


Step 8. Next, click the Connect button.


Step 9. If needed, tap Pair on your phone to establish the connection.

After the above steps, paring with phone and windows 10 is completed.

That’s it.

How to Enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10?

To turn on dynamic lock in Windows 10, do the following steps:-

Step 1. Firstly, open Windows Settings.

Step 2. Next, click on Accounts.

Windows-10-Settings-Accounts-1024x725 (1)

Step 3. Then, select the Sign-in options on the left side.


Step 4. After that, On the right side of “Sign-in options,” check the checkbox “Allow Windows to lock your device when you’re away automatically.”

That’s it.

After completing the above steps, dynamic lock on in your windows 10. You can check it; just take the paired device and step away from your computer. You can see that after 30 seconds, your computer/PC locks automatically.

If you again take the paired device in the range of your computer, then Windows 10 PC will not unlock automatically. You need to sign back into your account by entering a password.

This dynamic lock feature is used for security. It helps in protecting your PC/laptop’s sensitive data /information.

I hope this article will be helpful for you.

Thank you!

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