How to Enable and Customize Live Captions on Windows 11?


Now, Windows 11 includes many features, and out of those are Live captions. Then this new accessibility feature on Windows 11. The audio texts are converted on your device. So, users will benefit from live captions even in watching videos online. There’s even an option to connect a microphone for in-person conversations.

Please turn on the Live Captions. The audio will be easier for users with hearing disabilities and users who find it challenging to comprehend the audio flow. This function is only available in English (United States), which means it will convert English audio into English captions. But we’re optimistic that Microsoft will provide support for other languages soon.

Even Windows 11 helps users understand audio played quickly. It keeps your privacy intact and ensures data is not shared with Microsoft servers. Once you download the required package, you can use live captions even if you’re not connected to the internet. Also, this lets you personalize the caption text and its position on the screen to suit your preference.

How to Turn On Live Captions on Windows 11?

To enable or turn on Live Captions on Windows 11, do the following steps:-

Step 1. Open the Settings app. Right-click on the Start button and select Settings in the menu. Alternatively, you can also use Windows + I keyboard shortcut.
Step 2. When the Settings window appears on your computer, select Accessibility from the left sidebar.
Step 3. Click the Captions header under the Hearing section on the right side.
Step 4.  Then, turn on the Live captions toggle button on the following screen.

Rather than, you can turn on Live captions using the Windows + Ctrl + L keyboard shortcut on your Windows 11.

Step 5. After that, when you see the pop-up window, click on the I agree button. According to Microsoft, your data won’t be stored in the cloud or Microsoft server.

How to Customize Live Captions on Windows 11?

You have turned on the Live Captions on your Windows 11 PC. You can customize its appearance by positioning the caption box, applying a profanity filter, enabling microphone audio, and changing the caption style. Let’s take a look.

To customize Live Captions on Windows 11, use the following:-

So once you have enabled the Live Captions on your Windows 11 PC, you can now customize its appearance, including positioning the caption box, applying a profanity filter, allowing microphone audio, and changing caption style.

Firstly, click on the gear icon (Settings).

Here, you can choose different options. The first option is Position. It lets you place the caption box anywhere on the video, such as top, bottom, or floating on the screen.

Below the Position, the Caption options can be found. This allows you to filter profanity. Add the audio from your microphone to the captions.

For then, the next option is the Caption Style. You can choose from White on black, small caps, large text, and yellow on blue.

Also, you can customize the text, background, and caption windows according to their color and opacity. Click on the Edit button under Caption style.

You can change the text, background, and window – color, opacity, font, size, effects, etc.
At last, you can see the live preview of the changes under “Theme preview.” Also, you can name the caption style so that you can quickly apply your favorite caption style while playing a video next time.
That’s it.

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