How to Enable and Connect to a Wireless Display in Windows 11?


Enabling and connecting wireless displays in Windows 11 is a quick and easy process. Windows 11 includes various technologies to connect to a wireless display, like Miracast and WiGig. Using Miracast or another wireless technology, we can wirelessly connect our Windows PC to a TV, projector, another PC, or any other external display.

Once the connection is established, we can share or extend the content of our Windows PC to external displays, including TV, projector, another PC, or any device that supports Windows display. This is the easiest way to display content on larger TVs or other devices from a Windows PC.

This rise windows article will discuss the steps required while enabling and using Wireless Display on a Windows 11 system. We can connect other devices to our computer and project its content on our PC screen using this technology.

How to Enable Wireless Display on Windows 11?

The Wireless Display feature is not installed by default in Windows 11 OS. It is an optional feature of Windows 11. We’ll need to install this feature on our system.

To enable Wireless Display on our Windows system, follow the following steps:-

Step 1. Open Settings.

Or we can use Windows + I hotkey.

Step 2. On the Settings window, select Apps in the left panel.

Step 3. Then, click on Optional features on the right side of Apps.

Step 4. Then, click on the View features button beside the “Add an optional feature” label.

Step 5. The “Add an optional feature” dialog box will appear on our computer when we’re done. Click on the search bar and type Wireless Display.

Step 6. Then, tick the checkbox next to Wireless Display.

Step 7. Click the Next button.

Step 8. Finally, click the Install button.

Once we are done with the following steps, Windows 11 will download “Wireless Display” and install it for us.

How to Connect to a Wireless Display in Windows 11?

To connect our computer wirelessly to a TV, projector, another PC, and any other device that supports Windows display, follow the following steps:-

Step 1. First, turn on the TV, projector, or device we want to display our content.

Step 2. Then, On Windows 11 PC, turn on Wi-Fi.

Step 3. Then, press the Windows + K to open the Cast screen; Or open Quick Settings using Windows + A hotkey and select Cast.

Step 4. After that, available devices will appear. Click on the device in the list that we want to connect.

Step 5. If required, allow the connection on TV or projector.

When connected to the wireless display, we can check or uncheck “Allow mouse, keyboard, touch, and pen input from this device.” WE may also select Duplicate, Extend, or “Second screen only” for how we want to project the content on display.

To terminate the connection, click the Disconnect button.

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