How to dress up Windows 11/10 with macOS Dock?

How do I install the macOS Dock on Windows 11 or 10? On Windows 10, how do I use the macOS Dock? Download and set up a macOS dock if you want to give your Windows 11/10 a fashionable makeover. A new piece of freeware called Winstep Nexus is going to be talked about in this risewindows article. You also will be guided through how you can use it.

Winstep Nexus for Windows 10/11

The advantage of Winstep Nexus is that it is free for personal use. Along with that, it enables the addition of the macOS Dock on Windows 10/11. Use any archiving tool to extract the software’s content to a folder after downloading it. To launch the setup, double-click the executable file. Launch it, at last, to bring up the macOS Dock on your desktop. Your Windows 11/10 PC screen will resemble an Apple computer once you hide the desktop icons and Taskbar. Nexus.

You get the following features with Winstep Nexus freeware:-

  1. Change the position of macOS Dock
  2. Remove or add programs to the Nexus Dock
  3. Change the theme of the Nexus Dock
  4. Alter the appearance of the macOS Dock

How to Change the position of macOS Dock?

After you download and install the macOS Dock, Winstep Nexus will be default be displayed at the top of the monitor. Right-click on the Dock and select Screen Position to adjust its position. Next, choose the desktop location where you want the Dock to appear. Additionally, you can move it by dragging it.

By accessing the Screen Position, you may also align the Dock to the Top, Center, or Bottom. You may even drag and drop the Dock in the right direction to align it.

You may select Lock Position in the screenshot up top. It resembles the Taskbar in Windows 10 that you may lock to prevent inadvertent movement.

If you want the Dock to always be shown above all other programs, click on Z-Order under Screen Position and choose Always On Top.

How to remove or add programs to the Nexus Dock?

Simply drag and drop the application shortcut to the Dock to add your preferred software to the Nexus Dock.

After adding numerous objects to the Dock, you may remove any of them by right-clicking on the docked item and choosing the Remove from Dock option. It is as easy as ABCD.

How to Change the theme of the Nexus Dock?

Numerous themes are included with Nexus Dock. Right-click on the Dock and choose Preferences to alter the default theme if you don’t like it. Now select your preferred theme from the options that are showed under the Themes tab in the Preferences window.

How to Alter the appearance of the macOS Dock?

The macOS Dock can also have its appearance changed. To accomplish this, right-click on the Dock and choose the Appearance tab to open the Preferences window.

Here, you have a variety of options to alter the Dock’s appearance. By selecting the Dock Transparency button, you can make the Dock translucent. It is possible for you to alter the icon spacing, color settings, icon colors, blue settings, icon drop shadows, and other aspects of the icons.

You don’t have to totally uninstall the Dock from your computer if you want to remove it from your computer at any time. Please click the System Tray icon with the right mouse button to get there and choose the Exit option.

Main Features of Winstep Nexus

  • Provides options for task grouping, task filtering, and icon customization when displaying running programs on the dock.
  • Built-in support for animated icons.
  • individual or grouped system tray icons on the dock.
  • Blur-Behind (7/Vista) and dock backdrop colorization.
  • Compatible with skins for all 3rd party docks.
  • A clock that announces the time, a recycle bin, an email checker, a weather monitor, CPU, Net, and RAM Meters, and Wanda the swimming “fortune cookie” fish are a few examples of built-in modules or widgets.
  • Over 80 unique commands—including Sleep, Empty Recycler, CD Control, etc.—are available.
  • Multiple animated mouse over, launch, attention, and delete effects: zoom, swing, bounce, and many more!
  • Dynamic water-like effects and real-time symbol reflections.
  • Change shortcut and running programme icons instantly by dragging and dropping PNG and ICO image files into the icon.
  • Window minimization to the dock.
  • Multi-monitor support.
  • High-DPI support.

Download Winstep Nexus

It is possible to use the Winstep Nexus with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Vista. This software is available for free download from the company’s website.

Try RocketDock if you want to look at additional macOS docks.

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