How to Download and Use TeamViewer on Windows 11/10?

What is TeamViewer software, and What is its use?

TeamViewer is software that connects computers, smartphones, IoT devices, servers, robots, and anything connected with global network access and on high & fast performance connections.

TeamViewer is a free remote access tool to access your resources. You can easily access your IoT devices placed at a distant place. Nowadays, Multinational companies are using it to monitor their ongoing projects.

How to Download TeamViewer for Windows 11/10?

Follow the below-given steps to download TeamViewer:

Step 1: Click on this website to open the homepage of TeamViewer.

TeamViewer Homepage

Step 2: Click on Download for free

Step 3: This will save TeamViewer Setup exe in your prescribed folder. (You can change the location where you will save it)

TeamViewer Setup Step 4: Open your exe to set up the software.

Step 5: Now, this will ask you to choose from the below options: How do you want to proceed?

  • Default installation
  • Install and setup unattended access to this device
  • Run only (one-time use)

Choose as per your requirements. I am going with the last one, “Run only.”

TeamViewer Setup 1

Step 6: Left click on Accept – run button to proceed.

Step 7:  A popup will say, “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device.”

Step 8: Press accept, which will take you to the next setup page.

TeamViewer Setup 2

Step 9: There, tick “I accept the EULA and the DPA” and click on Continue.

Step 10: Now you are ready to use it.

How to Use TeamViewer on Windows 11/10?

Like other remote software, this is also a user-friendly application. Just enter your Partner ID and left-click on Connect. It will connect to your remote device instantly. Make sure both your devices connect to the internet. If you want to connect this device to another one, then provide this device ID and password.

TeamViewer Setup 3

You can also set up Unattended access for your device.

TeamViewer is enhanced to a Cloud-based platform with intuitive features to securely and remotely access, control, and support any device across platforms – from anywhere and anytime.

You guys are amazing; Keep reading, learning, and growing.

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