How to Display and Work with Multiple Windows in Microsoft Word?

In Microsoft Word, you can display multiple windows and open multiple windows that can view the same document. Word tools can allow you to open a new window, arrange the window, split, and view windows side by side. A few of us know that in Microsoft Word, we can display multiple windows and even open multiple windows that can view the same document.

But, This risewindows post will explain how you can quickly work in MS Word documents with multiple windows.

How to open a second window in MS Word?

A window is a framed area on the computer screen used for a specific purpose; It usually consists of a minimize, maximize and close button. First, Open an MS Word document. Now, click the View tab, then under Window group. Then, click the New Window tool.

After that, the New Window tool will simultaneously open a second window for the same document to work in a different window. If you make changes in any Word windows, it will reflect in both windows of MS Word.

Notepad++ open file in new window
Notepad++ open file in new window

How to assemble two or more windows in MS Word?

After opening a New Windows of an MS Word document and want to arrange them, perform the following steps:-

First, click the Arrange All tool on the View tab in the Window group.

Then, multiple windows will appear on your PC screen once you click the Arrange All tool. In other words, the Arrange All tool opens windows on top of each other so that you can see them simultaneously. Once the document editing is complete, you want to restore the windows to normal. So, click the Maximize button on the top right of the window.

How to split the window in Microsoft Word?

If you want to see the MS Word document in two viewing modes, on the View tab in the Window group, click the Split tool; it will split the window into two viewing modes of the same document.

After finishing your editing and wanting to disable or remove the split from the window, click the Remove Split tool in the Window group under the View tab. The window will return to normal view mode.

How to display windows side by side in Microsoft Word?

There is a tool available to display the Microsoft Word document windows side by side, Side by Side. Select the Side by Side tool on the View tab in the Window group.

This Side by Side tool is helpful if you want to compare two documents. Open two documents and click on the Side by Side tool from any opened documents. Both documents will arrange side by side on your desktop.

So, click the Side by Side tool to return to the standard window again.

After clicking the Side by Side tool, the Synchronous Scrolling button will automatically turn on, so when scrolling one document, you also scroll the other.

The above tools are helpful for those who work with multiple paragraphs of MS Word documents.

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