How to Disable or Enable Enhanced Audio on Windows 11?


You can use the Enhance audio feature if you use Windows 11 and want better sound quality from speakers or any other audio output. It is available in the Windows Settings panel, and you can enable or disable it.

To enhance or improve your audio quality coming out from the speakers. As the change is barely noticeable, some people claim that it works best when using headphones. If you enable this feature, you may get a better quality sound while watching movies or listening to music.

The Enhance audio option is available for all the audio outputs you may have plugged in, including speakers, headphones, monitor speakers, etc. Earlier, there were more options available in the Enhancements tab. For example, there were Virtual Surround, Loudness Equalization, etc. However, the present feature doesn’t have many options for Windows 11 users. It allows you to turn on or off this functionality from Windows Settings instead of the old Sound settings panel. In this risewindows article, we will guide you on how to enable or disable enhanced audio on Windows 11.

What is the best way to turn on or off Enhanced Audio on Windows 11?

Step 1. First, open the Settings app by pressing Windows + I keys on the keyboard.


Step 2. Select System from the left sidebar when Windows Settings opens.

Step 3. Then, in the right sidebar, click Sound.


Step 4. After that, on the Sound Settings page, scroll down to the bottom to see the “All sound devices” option, then click it to proceed.

Step 5. Next. select Speakers under the Output devices section.

Step 6. Then, scroll down to the bottom to find the Output settings section, and then turn toggle On beside the Enhance audio option.

Step 7. So, when Enhance audio is enabled, under the Enhance audio, click the Advanced link to enable additional features.

Step 8. In the Properties dialog box, select the Enhancements tab. Depending upon the quality of the speaker, you may see several options here. You can check or uncheck according to your needs.

Once you enable this “Enhanced audio,” future sound quality does not improve, and if you want to disable this feature, repeat the above steps from 1 to 6. In step 6, turn the toggle switch to Off beside the “Enhanced audio” option.

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