How to Deactivate and Uninstall Windows 11 Product Key?


What is a Windows 11 product key?

A Windows product key is a 25-character code that you can use to activate your copy of Windows. Since Windows 11 uses a digital license method for the activation, you don’t need to manually enter the key each time you upgrade or clean install the Windows OS.

Using a genuine product activation key from Microsoft, you can install and use Windows once it activates. The key is yours and attached to the computer you activated it on.

Even though you can deactivate and uninstall the product key on the computer and transfer it to another PC or remove the product key and sell or give away the PC without its Windows product key.

Then, one this to remember is uninstalling the product key on a Windows 11 PC will not remove the digital license for it on Microsoft activation servers. If you try to reactivate the license key on another PC, you may have to call in via phone if the re-activation fails.

The risewindows post will show you how to uninstall or deactivate Windows 11 product key.

How to Deactivate and Uninstall Windows 11 Product Key?

To deactivate and uninstall Windows 11 product key from your PC, perform the following recommended steps:-

Step 1. Firstly, open Command Prompt with administrative rights.

Step 2. Now, when the elevated Command Prompt starts, type the following text and hit Enter from the keyboard to uninstall the product key and deactivate Windows 11:-

slmgr /upk

After executing the above command, you should receive a message, “Uninstalled product key successfully.”

Step 3. Then, the above command has uninstalled the product key from your Windows 11 machine, but it is still available in Windows Registry. To eliminate the Windows 11 product key from the registry also, type the following command and hit Enter from the keyboard:-

slmgr /cpky

If you execute the above command, you should see a message, “Product key from registry cleared successfully.”

After completing the above steps, when you check the activation status of your Windows 11 by navigating through Settings > System > Activation, you will find that your copy of Windows is “Not active.”

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