How to Create a System Image Backup on Windows 11?

Windows has provided backup methods that allow you to create a complete clone of your Windows system for years. It means that the operating system, applications, and data are backed up at a certain point in time and can be restored to a new external hard drive if the original fails.

The backup and restore feature allow you to create a system image of the entire system and files to a network folder location or external hard drive. This risewindows guide will help you to make a backup to a USB storage as it is the most convenient process for most users.

How to Create Full System Backup on Windows 11?

To create a system image backup on Windows 11, follow these steps.

Step 1. First, press the Windows + I shortcut keys to open the Settings app.

Step 2. Select System in the open Windows Settings.

Step 3. Then, on the right side pane of System, click Storage.

Step 4. After that, on the Storage settings, under the Storage management section, select Advanced storage settings to expand it.

Step 5. Next, when you see several options under “Advanced storage settings,” click the Backup options.

Step 6. Now, in the next window, click the link “Backup and Restore (Windows 7).” Alternatively, you can open the “Backup and Restore (Windows 7)” window from the Control Panel. For that, open Control Panel and search for backup.

Step 7. Then, click Backup and Restore (Windows 7).

Step 8. So, click the link Create a system image from the left side pane.

Step 9. After that, select the destination drive to save the system image. Even though creating a system image on the internal hard disk is possible, making a backup on an external hard disk or a network location is always recommended. For instance, we will use an external hard disk to create a system backup.

Step 10. Next, select an external drive and click the Next button.

Step 11. Accordingly, it will select system drives; you can check other internal drives in the backup if you wish. Click the Next button.

Step 12. Lastly, click the Start backup button at the bottom of the screen.

Now system image backup will start, and it may take several minutes depending upon the size of the data.

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