How to Create a Custom Toolbar to Launch Programs and Files Quickly from Windows 10 Taskbar?


Being a Microsoft user, you might have sometimes found it quite a process and wanted to find an easy way out. You might have, at some point in time, creating a desktop shortcut for the applications/files/folders for easy access. To serve the purpose, Microsoft has added a toolbar/taskbar function in every version of Windows, including Win 7/8/10.

In this risewindows article, we will discover how you can create a folder with any name (e.g., Launcher) and add a shortcut of folders/files/programs here. Adding this as a toolbar will bring up a menu with all your shortcuts once you click on the taskbar.

How to create a custom toolbar to launch programs and files quickly from Windows Taskbar on Windows 10?

Step 1: Go to the desktop on your system and create a new folder. Set the name of the folder as Launcher.

Step 2: Once you do that, all your programs/files/folder shortcuts to this folder.

Step 3: Go to the taskbar and right-click on it. Now, navigate to Toolbar > New toolbar.

Step 4: It will prompt for the location of the file/folder.

Step 5: Go to the location where the newly created folder is on the desktop. Click on the Select Folder button.

Step 6: On the taskbar, you will find a new Toolbar containing the Launcher’s name.

Step 7: When the Launcher toolbar is ready, the >> sign will appear on the launcher toolbar on the taskbar.

Step 8: The list of programs/files can view by clicking on the >> sign.

Step 9: Choose your favorite program/file/folder from the listed ones.

Here is a quick tip for you; from the list of programs you now see on the launcher toolbar, you can eliminate the ones you want. You must delete them from the launcher folder you created on the desktop. Similarly, to add any application to the toolbar, drag its shortcut down to the same folder. The application will add.

That is it.

You guys are amazing; Keep reading, learning, and growing.

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