How to Convert Color PDF to Black & White on Windows 11 or 10?

Do you want to convert fully colored PDF files to black and white, this risewindows article will guide you. Using Windows 11 or 10 operating system, you can convert your colored PDF files into a black & white PDF by built-in methods.

Windows 10 and 11 versions ship with a built-in function called Print to PDF. The Print to PDF helps you save documents, pictures, and webpages as PDF.

Using the Print to PDF functionality, we can convert a color PDF to black and white by changing some options in the menu. Converting colored PDF files to black and white files will make your file size smaller.

How to Convert Color PDF to Black & White in Windows 11 or 10?

Perform these steps to convert color PDF to black & white on Windows 11 or 10:-

Step 1. Open the PDF file you want to convert from color to black and white with the Microsoft Edge browser. If Edge is not available, you can also use the Chrome browser. Both browsers will read the same file.

The purpose doesn’t require using an online tool with the help of a web browser, and you can use either Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Step 2. To open the PDF in Edge or Chrome, press the Ctrl + P keys to see the Print dialog.

Step 3. After that, select Microsoft Print to PDF in the Printer drop-down menu.

Step 4. Select Black and white in the Color drop-down menu.

Step 5. Tap on the Print button.

Step 6. In the “Save as” dialog, select a location to save the new black and white PDF, name the file and click the Save button.

After completing the above steps, you will see a black & white PDF document in your chosen location.

That’s it! You just converted a PDF from color to black and white.

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