How to Close a Tab with Double Click in Firefox and Vivaldi?

Being a Microsoft user, you might have experienced using different types of browsers. For example, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi, etc. You might also have noticed that each of them has various features. Here we are explicitly talking about Mozilla Firefox and Vivaldi. They have a feature that allows you to close the Tabs on Firefox and Vivaldi with a double-click. And the good news is that you don’t even need to use an extension or add-on.

In this risewindows article, we are going to teach you how you can activate this feature. Once you do that, you can close the active or background tab by double-clicking on the tab title.

How to Close Tabs with a double-click in Firefox?

Use the following steps to close tabs with double click on the Mozilla Firefox browser:-

Step 1: First, launch Mozilla Firefox on your computer.

Step 2: In the address bar that you see, type about: config and press Press on the keyboard.

Step 3: You can check or un-check the option “Warn me when I attempt to access these preferences.”

Step 4: Go to the Accept the Risk and Continue button.

Step 5: Type the following in the search bar and the search result, double-click on it to make this preference accurate:-

browser. tabs.closeTabByDblclick

There you go. You can close the Firefox tab by double clicking on it. However, you should note that this setting will work only on the active tabs and not the ones in the background.

How to Close Tabs with a double-click in Vivaldi?

If you want to close the background or foreground tab in Vivaldi by double-clicking on the tab, you need to follow these steps:-

Step 1: First, go to Vivaldi on your computer.

Step 2: Find the Settings icon in the bottom left corner and click on it. You can also, press the Ctrl + F12 hotkey combination to go to its Settings.

Step 3: Next, switch to Tabs tab.

Step 4: Check the option Close Tab on Double Click by scrolling down to the Tab Handling section.

Once the above steps are complete, whenever you double-click on the Vivaldi tab title, it will close it down.

That is it.

You guys are amazing; Keep reading, learning, and growing.

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