How to Check Spellings in Notepad and WordPad on Windows 11/10/8/7?

You might have noticed that whenever you type something on your Windows computer, it automatically corrects the word in case you have spelled it wrong. Microsoft recently added this feature, which autocorrects explicitly misspelled words and word suggestions on Windows 10 computers and wasn’t available on the older versions. Although Windows computers come with several built-in applications like Notepad and WordPad, many users prefer to use external software because of the lack of a spelling check feature on the word processor.

If you have faced this issue and want to try your hands on a third-party application, this risewindows article has brought you, TinySpell. Keep reading for more information.

TinySpell for Windows

Everybody wants an easy-to-use application with a user-friendly interface free of Spyware and Malware. And you can trust us when we say TinySpell checks all the above options. Along with all that, it is merely 1MB in size. After you download it on your computer, you can access it by double-clicking on the icon on the notification tray. You can also configure the app’s setting to beep whenever it detects an incorrectly spelled word. By default, you can view suggestions for the word you have wrongly spelled, which you can access by pressing the left shift key on your keyboard. However, you can change it and set the arrow keys to do the same.

Among the other advantages that the freeware has, it also consists of a custom dictionary that allows you to add new words. To do so, right-click on the TinySpell icon and go to dictionary. Click on the Addbutton, and then enter a word you want to add to the custom dictionary.

Although it helps you check the spelling of almost every Windows program, you can tweak the settings and make it work for only the desired applications. You can do this by right-clicking on the icon and then clicking on Applications to configure tinySpell.

In conclusion, TinySpell is quite a practical application, given all the advantages it has. And the good thing is it works with almost every Windows Operating System, from Windows 7 to Windows 11.

Download TinySpell

You can visit the official website to download the application on your computer.

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