How to Change Volume of Different Apps on Windows 11?

Windows 11 introduced many features, including one volume control for each app. Usually, we want to adjust the volume on Windows 11, and we click on the volume icon in the taskbar, volume slide show for adjustment. We can change the volume for all apps on our PC of this type.

But Windows 11 introduced a new feature: adjust the volume for active appl. That means some apps can have higher or lower volumes than others. You can change the volume of particular apps/browsers without affecting other apps’ settings.

This risewindows article will teach how to change the volume of different apps on your Windows 11 computer.

How to Control the Volume of Different Apps on Windows 11 using Volume Mixer?

Step 1. Right-click on the volume icon on the taskbar and select the Open Volume Mixer  option.

Step 2. Under the Apps section, you can configure the volume by using the slider of any app listed here. Even if you need, you can mute.

Note: you can adjust only that app volume shown in the list or active on your PC. Many apps are shown in the list, but they can’t produce volume. On a web browser, at least one webpage should be opened that actively has sound, such as YouTube.

Furthermore, you should note that after changing the volume of a particular app, if you close the app and reopen it, the volume will reset to its default, usually 100%.

On the “Volume Mixer” settings page, you can also use the Reset button beside the option, “Reset sound devices and volumes for all apps to the recommended defaults” to reset all adjusted volumes back to their defaults, usually 100%.

That’s it.

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