How to Change User Account Name on Windows 11?

You can change the name of your Windows 11(opens in a new tab) account at any time for any reason. You can change it because the name is spelled wrong, you recently updated your name, or you want to make it a little more private. Or you use a local account and wish to display your real name instead of a nickname.

Windows 11 allows you to update the account name in different ways, depending on the account type you use.

Quick Note: you need to sign in to an administrator account to rename a user account on a Windows 11 machine then after you can proceed with the succeeding steps.

This risewindows article will show you the different ways to update your account in the Sign-in screen for a Microsoft and local account.

How to Change Name of Microsoft Account?

To change the username connected with Microsoft account, use the following steps:-

Step 1. Firstly, navigate the Microsoft website and click the Sign In button.


Step 2. Now, enter the email, phone, or skype that you have used to create your account. Then, click the Next button. You can use the link “Sign in with Windows Hello or security key” if you have configured it before.

Step 3. Next, sign in to your Microsoft account, and click on the user name beside the user profile image.


Step 4. After that, click on Edit name link.


Step 5. So, change the first name or last name, or both, enter the captcha and finally click the Save button.


Lastly, sign out and sign in to your Microsoft account on your Windows 11 PC to see the changes.

How to Change Name of Local Account in Control Panel?

To change the name of the local account using Control Panel, use these steps:-

Step 1. First, open Control Panel.


Step 2. Now, click the link Change account type link under “User Accounts.”

Step 3. Then, select the user account you want to change the name of.

Step 4. After that, click the link to Change the account name.

Step 5. Next, type a new account name you want, and hit the Change Name button.

How to Change Name of Local Account using Local Users and Groups?

The Local Users and Groups are part of Windows 11 Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions only. If you are using Windows 11 Home edition and want to use this method to change the name of a local account, then you need first to turn on the Local User and Group Management (Lusrmgr. msc) console.

Step 1. As usual, open the Local User and Group Management.

For that, press Windows + R keys from the keyboard to invoke the Run dialog box. Then type lusrmgr. msc in the Run box and hit Enter from the keyboard.

Step 2. Now, select Users in the left pane.

Step 3. So, double-click on the user name (For example, Gearupwindows1) on the right sidebar you want to modify.

Step 4. Then, write a new username beside the “Full name” box.

Step 5. After that, click Apply.

Step 6. Click OK.

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