How to Change Theme in Microsoft Teams Chat App on Windows 11?


With Windows 11, Microsoft Teams, by default, gets added to the taskbar for quick launch. The accessibility is easier than before, and the program is designed to promote its usage in chat and collaboration needs of the users. Teams get launched on the startup in Windows 11 and will be opened with just a click on its icon on the taskbar. The stylized icon looks good on the taskbar. There is a way to make the Teams program look good with its theme. It is also possible to remove this chat app from the taskbar and use Windows + C hotkey to launch it whenever required.

By default, the chat app wears a system theme appearance. If you use a Dark theme for your machine, Microsoft Teams Chat App will also use a Dark theme. It is possible to use a different theme for the Microsoft Teams Chat App, different from the system theme. This risewindows article will show you how to change the theme in Microsoft Teams Chat App on Windows 11.

How to Switch Theme in Microsoft Teams Chat App on Windows 11?

Step 1. First, launch the Microsoft Teams Chat app from the taskbar or press Windows + C hotkey from the keyboard.

Step 2. Now, sign in to the Chat app using a Microsoft account.

Step 3. Then, click on the three-dot button (Settings and more) on the top bar of the Teams window and then select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Step 4. After that, click on the Appearance and accessibility on the left side panel in the Microsoft Teams settings.

Step 5. At last, Theme and Animation settings will appear on the right-side pane. Under the theme, you can see:-

  • Light
  • Dark
  • High contrast
  • Follow the operating system theme

After completing the above steps, please select any of them you want to apply for the Chat app. The chosen theme will apply to the Microsoft Teams Chat app immediately.

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