How to change the default Downloads Location in Google Chrome browser?

Google Chrome is one of the most-used Internet browsers in the current world. Chrome browser comes with Google Search engine built-in. Most browsers save download files from the Internet to the system Download folder by default. The location for the same will be C:\Users\username\Downloads. You can change the default location with any preferred location for ease of access, as seen in the Microsoft Edge browser. There are settings available in even the Google Chrome browser, through which you can change the default location of the downloads folder. There is no need for any add-on or Registry tweaking.

How to change the default Download location in the Google Chrome browser?

Step 1. Launch the Google Chrome browser and click on the Menu button (Three horizontal dots) next to the user profile image.

Chrome-menu-1024x547Step 2. Now, click on the Settings to launch the Chrome Settings from the available options.

Chrome-Settings-1024x546Step 3. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and click on Advanced.

Advanced-1024x544Step 4. Again, scroll down till you see the Downloads section.

Downloads-1024x544Step 5. After that, click on the Change button to select the new download folder location.

Change-location-1024x544You can also toggle On/Off from the downloads section, “Ask where to save each file before downloading.” Once toggle On, Chrome will prompt for a location when you try to download a file.

Ask-every-time-1024x546You might also be interested in our guide on changing the default Downloads location in the Opera and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

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