How to Change Scrollbars Width in Google Chrome on Windows 10 or 11?

A Google Chrome Browser includes horizontal and vertical scrollbars. So that you can identify quickly and view the contents on these browsers. We can change the width of these scrollbars as per our requirement. You’ll need to use a free extension to change the width of scrollbars in Google Chrome.

How to Change Scrollbars Width in Google Chrome on Windows 10 or 11?

The Scrollbar Customizer is a free extension for Chrome browse that allows you to change the scrollbar size quickly. Using this extension, you can also change the border color, add shadow with a custom color to the slider handle, add rounded corners to scrollbars, etc. However, this extension doesn’t work on the Chrome Settings page, Chrome Web Store, Extensions page, etc.

To get the Scrollbar Customizer extension, navigate to the page in the Chrome browser and click on this Add to Chrome button.

Then, click on Add extension in the pop-up window as shown in the image. Next, download and install the Scrollbar Customizer on your PC.

Once you have installed this extension on your Chrome browser, click the Extension icon present in the top right corner of the Chrome browser.

Then, click the three-dotted vertical menu beside the “Scrollbar Customizer” and select Options.

Using the “Preset Scrollbars” drop-down in the menu on this Options page, you can now select pre-defined scrollbars. If you don’t feel comfortable with any scrollbar, then click Customize.

Here, you will see several customization options, including Scrollbar style, Button Style, and Thumb Style. Once you have made the desired changes, you can see the live preview of the scrollbars on the top of the screen. When you’re satisfied with these changes, click the Save button to apply the changes.

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