How to Change Password with Command Prompt on Windows 11 or 10?


You will set the password on the user’s local account for security. But it’s not sufficient for better security. You will need to keep changing passwords. This article will learn how to change passwords with Command Prompt on Windows 11 and 10.

This post will not be helpful if you use a Microsoft account to log in to your PC. You must reset your email password online or through a Microsoft account’s Windows 11/10 Lock screen.

How to Change Password with Command Prompt on Windows 11 or 10?

To change your account password using Command Prompt on Windows 11 or 10, use the following steps:-

Step 1. Firstly, Open a command prompt with elevated rights.

To do so, press Windows + R keys on the keyboard to launch the Run  dialog box. In the box, type cmd and then hit Ctrl + Shift + Enter  from the keyboard.

Step 2. On the prompt, type the following command to list down all the available accounts on your computer and press Enter  on the keyboard:-

net user

Step 3. Now, note down the username you want to change the password. Then, type the following command and hit the Enter  key on the keyboard:-

net user USERNAME *

Note: Please replace USERNAME with the account name you want to update in the above command. For instance, we want to update the “Test” account password. So my command will be “net user Test *.”

Step 4. After that, type a new password beside “Type a password for the user:” and then hit Enter  on the keyboard.

Step 5. Again, type the same password next to “Retype the password to confirm:” and hit the Enter  key on the keyboard.

Once you complete the above steps, sign out of the account. To sign back into your account, you’ll need to enter the new password that you have set.


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