How to Change or Rotate Text Direction in PowerPoint?


Using PowerPoint, you should know that many options are available to edit word styles and fonts. If you are new to Microsoft PowerPoint, you will be delighted to see that you can add text to your shapes and text boxes. Text position in the text box or shape can be aligned horizontally or vertically. You can also rotate or change text directions.

This risewindows article will enlighten you on changing or rotating Text Direction in Microsoft PowerPoint. Using the below-given steps, you can conveniently adjust the orientation of the text in the various positions such as Horizontal, Stacked, Rotate text 90 degrees, and Rotate all text 270 degrees.

In PowerPoint, how can I change the direction of the text?

First Method:

As mentioned above, Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to change or rotate text direction. Here are steps to turn or change the text direction in PowerPoint:-

Step 1. Start Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.

Step 2. Type the text into the textbox that you want to rotate or change.


Step 3. After that, select Home tab and click on the Text Directions button.

Step 4. Then, select an option from the drop-down menu, and the text will automatically change in that direction.


To customize more, please select Home tab, and click on the Text Directions button. Select the More Options from the list to open the Format Shape pane. You can customize the text in their boxes and set text directions from the Text Options tab under the Text Box section.


Second Method:

Changing the shape and rotating the directions of the text is also possible by right-clicking on the textbox and selecting the Format Shape option.


The Format Shape pane will appear on the right side of the screen. Click on the Text Options tab here. After that, click on the Text Direction drop-down box and choose an option from the list from the Text Box section.

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