How to Change Mouse Pointer in Windows 10?

We all know that Mouse creates an essential role in desktop computers. A Mouse pointer completes almost every task on computers and laptops. You may be bored with the same mouse pointer if you regularly work with computers and laptops. You can download a cute set of mouse pointers on your PC/Laptop in windows 10.

If you like different mouse pointers, you can download them from the internet and change them according to your choice. Twenty-five types of mouse pointer apps are available on the internet. Along with this, you can also change the size of the mouse pointer/cursor. Microsoft has added an option to change the mouse pointers from black and white to colorful ones. If you are running Windows 10 build older than 18298, you will not find these options in your operating system.

This risewindows article will discuss How to Change Mouse Pointer in Windows 10.

How to change the mouse pointer in Windows 10?

Step 1. Press the Windows button to open the Start Menu and type the mouse.
Step 2. Select Mouse settings from the search result.
Step 3. Then click the Additional mouse options. It will open the Mouse Properties window.
Step 4. Select the second tab Pointers.
Step 5. After that, click the drop-down of Scheme.
Step 6. Select your desired set of Mouse Pointer. It will show the preview of the selected mouse pointer set.
Step 7. Finally, press Apply and then OK button.
That’s it.
After that, you will enjoy different types and interesting mouse pointers on your PC/laptop. Different mouse pointer/cursors make your working experience attractive. You will work on your PC/laptop without getting tried.
You will also change the color and size of the mouse pointer/cursor in windows 10 PC/laptops. Many types of mice pointer/cursors are available like,

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