How to Change Dates and Times Format on Windows 11?


Windows 11 will automatically set the date and time formats based on your location. Generally, you will give this location information by choosing the country you live in a while setting up Windows 11. As most of you know, almost every country follows its date and time formats.

The default date and time format are good enough for most people. However, if the default Windows Date or Time format is not to your liking or if you want to change it to something logical or readily understandable, you can do that by modifying the regional settings. For example, you will see dates like 12-09-2021 and times like 15:48 (if you 24 hrs time format). If you want to see a different format, such as slashes instead of dashes, you can easily change that in Windows Settings.

How to Change Dates Format on Windows 11?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to change the date format on your PC:-

Step 1. First, open the Settings app by pressing Windows + I keys from the keyboard or any other method that you like to use.


Step 2. Now, when Windows Settings opens, select the Time & language category from the left side pane.

Step 3. Then, click the Language & region on the right pane.


Step 4. After that, on the Language & Region settings page, scroll down to find the Related settings section.

Step 5. Next, click the option Administrative language settings.

Step 6. Now, a new pop-up window will open. Then, navigate to Formats tab. If you wish, you can select a built-in date and time format. Click the Additional settings button for a custom format.

Step 7. After that, on the Customize Format dialog, select the Date tab.

Step 8. So, under the Date formats section, select any Short date and edit them according to your choice. For instance, we have used dots ( for the date format.

After completing it, click the Apply button to see the preview under the Example section.

Step 9. Next, to change the time format similarly, navigate to the [/keybt]Time[/keybt] tab and edit the Short time format you want to see in the taskbar.

Step 10. Now, click Apply.

Step 11. Then, click OK.

Step 12. After that, click Apply.

Step 13. So, click OK.

Finally, you can close the Settings app. All the settings are stored automatically.

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