How to Change Account Type on Windows 11?

Windows is a multi-user operating system. Simply put, multiple users can use the same computer with separate and unique accounts and profiles. With Windows multi-accounts functionality, all users can use one device while giving everyone their sign-in (username and password) and access to their files, browsers, and desktop settings.

One can create two system accounts: A local account or a Microsoft online account. Which account you make will be of two types:- Standard or Administrator. When you create an account, whether a local or Microsoft account, it will automatically be a Standard account. A Standard is not an elevated account. It can use most apps and change basic system settings that do not affect other users.

An Administrator account is an elevated account. Administrator accounts have complete access to the PC and can make any changes to the system that can impact all users. To make account type changes, the account must be an administrator account.

In this risewindows post, we will show you how to change account types and perform the following steps:-

How to Switch User Account Roles on Windows 11?

To raise or decrease the privileges of a user account on Windows 11, do these steps:-

Step 1. Firstly, open the Settings app by pressing Windows + I keys.


Step 2. Select the Accounts category from the left sidebar.

Step 3. Then, select Family & other users on the right pane of your screen.

Step 4. After that, in the “Family & other users” settings page, select a user account which privilege you want to increase or decrease.

Step 5. Next, click Change account type button beside “Account options.”

Step 6. Now, on the pop-up window that appears, click the drop-down menu of “Account type.”

Step 7. Then, you will find two types of accounts. You can change a Standard user account to an Administrator or vice versa.

Step 8. After completing the above steps, click the OK button.

The changes should take effect immediately on your user account. You can now close the Settings app.

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