How to Cast YouTube from an Android Phone to Smart TV?

Generally, we watch YouTube on mobile, but, if we want to watch videos on a bigger screen,  such as Android TV, smart TV, etc. YouTube provides a feature called the casting feature.  With the help of this feature, we don’t need to install any other software on our Android phones to play YouTube videos on a bigger screen.

To cast a Youtube video from our Android smartphone to an external TV or PC, we will need to have the following:-

  • Phone running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or higher.
  • A device with Google Cast technology can accept connections, such as Android TV, Fire TV, Roku, or Xbox.
  • Wi-Fi connection to connect our both devices,i.e, phone, and SmartTV.While using this feature, we should keep in mind that this feature will only work when our phone and other media, such as SmartTV, should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, this feature will not work.

When we are ready with the requirements mentioned above, we can easily share our Android phone display with a compatible Wi-Fi-enabled device like smart TV.

This risewindows article will discuss how to cast YouTube videos from an Android phone to a compatible device.

How to Cast YouTube from an Android Phone to Smart TV?

To cast YouTube from an Android phone to SmartTV or other compatible devices, follow the following steps:-

Step 1. First and foremost, connect our phone and SmartTV (both the devices) with the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step 2. On our phone, open the YouTube application.

Step 3. Now, press the Cast button shown below.

Step 4. Once we’re done with the above-mentioned steps, we will see the device name on the Android phone screen. Tap on the device(Smart TV) that we would like to send our YouTube content to the cast, as shown below.

Step 5. On our SmartTV, permit or allow the connection.

Step 6. Then, tap a video to play on the bigger screen.

Step 7. Finally, tap Play.

The video that we’ve selected will now be playing on a device such as Smart TV that’s connected to our phone.

While watching videos, if we want to add more videos to the queue to play, tap a video on the phone and tap the Add to queue option. Similarly, we can add many videos to the queue. The next video from the queue will start playing automatically when the first video plays.

To end a session, tap the Cast button again on the Android phone and choose the Disconnect option. The casting session will end, and YouTube will play only on Android phones.

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