How to Add or Restore the Recycle Bin icon to the Desktop of Windows 10?


When you install Windows 10 on your computer or create a new user account, there might be chances that you do not get Recycle Bin on your desktop. By default, Recycle Bin option is not enabled on Windows 10. That means you need to allow it or restore it. You can fix this issue with the help of this risewindows article quickly.


Some people directly delete files by using Shift/keybt] + [keybt]Delete button. In this method, files are deleted directly without going to Recycle bin. This method deletes files permanently, which means one can not restore them after deleting them. The recycling bin works like a safety net and is helpful when you delete any file by mistake. You can restore the files from Recycle bin to their default location if you need them in the future.

This article will help you set up the missing Recycle bin icon on Windows 10 desktop.

How to Add or Restore the Recycle Bin icon to the Desktop of Windows 10?

If your Recycle bin is not visible on your desktop or deleted from your desktop, then follow the below-given steps to add or restore Recycle bin on your Windows 10 desktop:

Step 1: Right-click on the blank space of the Windows 10 desktop and choose the Personalize option to open the Personalization section of the settings app.


Step 2: After that, click on the Theme tab from the left side options.


Step 3: Click on the Desktop icon settings link under the Related settings section.

Step 4: Now, A Desktop icon settings window will open.


Step 5: Check the Recycle bin checkbox.

Step 6: Now, click Apply.

Step 7: Then, hit the OK button.

Recycle bin icon will start reflecting on the Windows 10 desktop once you complete the above steps.

Different settings: If you want, you can also enable the icons of This PC, User’s Profiles, Control Panel, and Network by checking the checkbox on step 4 above.

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