How to Add Notes in PowerPoint?


PowerPoint is an excellent tool for presenting slideshows in an orderly manner. It makes the task an easy one. Giving a lengthy presentation to an audience can be a mammoth task. You may want to say more than what is on the slides when you present a slideshow. If the slide only contains graphs or diagrams, explain them further if you want to explore the text you have included. You need to remember the minor details of each slide in that situation.

Fortunately, Microsoft PowerPoint provides a built-in feature for speaker notes. When you start the show, this feature allows you to add notes to each slide and see them in Presenter View. The notes will appear on the screen for you to read in the Presenter View but will not be visible to your audience.

How to Add Speaker Notes to a Slide on PowerPoint?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to add speaker notes to your slide on PowerPoint that will be visible to only the speaker:-

Step 1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and select the slide where you want to add notes.

Step 2. Now, switch to the View tab and choose either Normal or Outline View to see your slide along with the note you plan to add.

PowerPoint-View-1024x754Step 3. Next, highlight the Notes by clicking.

Step 4. Once complete, “Tap to add notes” will appear at the bottom of each slide.

Step 5. Select a slide and click the Tap to add notes.

Step 6. It would help if you typed your required notes. Once it is complete, click outside to stop adding notes.

PowerPoint-adding-notes-1024x756Like this, you can add notes to another slide also.

How to View Speaker Notes during a Slideshow on your Monitor?

Follow the below-described steps to view speaker notes while presenting the slideshow:-

Step 1. Start with opening the PowerPoint Presentation and switch to the Slide Show tab.

Step 2. Select the monitor you will use under the “Monitors” group and check the checkbox Use Presenter View.

PowerPoint-Slide-Show-Monitors-1024x756Step 3. Press ALT + F5 to preview the presenter view (if your keyboard includes the function key, use Fn + Alt + F5 keys) on your keyboard if you only have one monitor. Your speaker notes will be visible in the lower right-hand corner.


How to Print your Speaker Notes?

You can also print out your speaker notes if you are more comfortable having a piece of paper in your hand and if you don’t have a second monitor to view your notes.

Follow the below-given steps to print your speaker notes:-

Step 1. Now, click on the File menu and choose Print option in the backstage. In other way, press CTRL + P on your keyboard.

PowerPoint-documentPowerPoint-Print-1024x756Step 2. After that, select Notes Pages (Print slides with notes) from the Print Settings.

PowerPoint-Print-Notes-Pages-1024x756You can take a printout of your slides along with the notes you added with the help of the above steps.

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