How to Add Missing WinRAR Entry to Right-Click Context Menu?


With just a right-click, WinRAR, a well-known archiver application, enables you to extract the contents of RAR, ZIP, and other archive files. To put the contents of an archive file in a folder, right-click and then choose “Extract Files.” WinRAR integrates itself into the right-click context menu in its default setup, making it easy to extract archive file contents. This program is handy for more than just opening and extracting archive file content.

WinRAR is automatically included in the right-click context menu when it is installed on your computer, as was already mentioned. The WinRAR option, however, is absent when executing a right-click on a RAR or ZIP file, according to a few Windows users.

To extract the content from an archive file, you must go through a number of steps if the WinRAR option is not there in the File Explorer context menu. It used to be possible to extract the contents of an archive file with a single mouse click, but these days you need to make four or five clicks to do the same task.

When WinRAR is functioning as it should, you should see four additional options after performing a right-click on a RAR or ZIP file: launching WinRAR files using the Extract Here and Extract To options. These choices make it much easier for Windows users to interact with an archive file.

If the WinRAR entry is missing from the context menu on your Windows 10 computer as well, reading this risewindows article will show you how to re-add it.

How do I Add Missing WinRAR Entry in Right-Click Context Menu?

Step 1: Launch the WinRAR application by clicking on the desktop shortcut or using the Start menu search function.

Step 2: Select Settings from the drop-down menu after going to the Options menu in the WinRAR program.

Step 3: Go to the Integration tab in the WinRAR Settings and select the checkbox next to Shell integration under Integrate WinRAR into Shell.

Step 4: Now, click on the OK button.

After completing all the above step, right-click on any RAR or ZIP file on your computer. You will definitely see the four lost WinRAR options returning to the context menu.

That is it.

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