How do I Keep Windows 11 Notifications Open Longer?


Windows’ built-in notification center can help you track activities in the background. It alerts you with messages from different programs and websites. However, a notification only stays up for 5 seconds.

Windows notifications are enabled in most Windows 11 computers by default. However, some applications or websites may ask you to turn them on manually. Doing so allows them to send you alerts, even when the apps are not actively open.

If you cannot read the messages fast enough, you might want to keep the messages up a bit longer, for instance, up to 60 seconds. If you need, you can increase the time up to 5 minutes maximum to remain notifications on the top of all opened windows. You need to dig into the settings app to increase the time. This risewindows article will help you to change how long notifications stay open on Windows 11.

Change How Long Notifications Stay Open on Windows 11

Step 1. First, open the Settings app by pressing Windows + I keys on the keyboard.


Step 2. Select the Accessibility category from the left sidebar.

Step 3. Then, on the right side of Accessibility, click the Visual effects.


Step 4. After that, on the Visual effects settings, click the drop-down menu beside “Dismiss notifications after this amount of time” and select the amount of time for dismissal.

You will have the following options to choose from:-

  • 5 seconds
  • 7 seconds
  • 15 seconds
  • 30 seconds
  • 1 minute
  • 5 minutes

Once it is complete, close the Settings app. Next time you get notifications from Facebook, Whatapp, Gmail, or any other means, it will stay longer depending on the amount of time you have set in the above steps.

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