GuardedID Antilogger for Windows 11/10 & Mac OS

New malware and ransomware are created and released every day. Antivirus takes some time to analyze and develop solutions for that new threat. After that, Antivirus adds that feature to their software. So Antivirus does not protect your Windows 11 PC fully.


The new virus can easily infect your system and cause you a lot of damage in terms of data theft. It can steal your sensitive data, account balance, id, and passwords. This virus uses keyloggers to track vital data and cause massive damage. To prevent this, you must use anti-logger or keystrokes encryption software to save your data from keyloggers from stealing or recording your actual keystroke inputs.

Here GuardedID anti-logger comes into the picture. Guardian removes the data theft vulnerability caused by keylogging attacks. Further, this keystroke encryption software protects the data from known and unknown keyloggers threats. Therefore, this software, like antivirus and antimalware, protects sensitive information from keyloggers and hackers.

Some of the most impressive features of GuardedID have been imprinted below:

  1. Easy to Install.
  2. Your computers will not slow down with this software.
  3. This software comes with US-built, pretended, and support.
  4. It also supports anti-click jacking technology and anti-screen capture.
  5. GuardedID offers multiple protection layers against cyber attacks.
  6. Seeing only the meaningless sequence, cybercriminals become outsmarted by this keystroke encryption tool.
  7. This program protects data and information against desktop and kernel-based keyloggers.
  8. This application proactively encrypts your every keystroke, and the patented anti-keylogging technology of this software secures financial information and personal data.

Moreover, this encryption keystrokes data to stop malicious keylogging programs. This software creates a straight route to the internet browser or desktop via a secure pathway, which is not visible to keyloggers. This keystroke encryption application uses military-grade 256-bit encryption code to protect pathways.

There is some information related to GuardedID is described below:

  • Price: For one year and 2 PC, $29.99.
  • Password Protection: None
  • Supported Application: Unspecified and Limited.
  • Encryption Method: With sequential numbers, replaces the logged keystrokes.
  • Additional Protection: Sends black screenshots by blocking the screen loggers.
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, MacOS 10.12 (Seira and later).

Download GuardedID from Here.

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