Giveaway: Free License for IObit Smart Defrag 8 Pro

There’s some good news if you’re looking for a paid defragmentation program for free. IObit firm is providing a free license of its flagship program Smart Defrag 8. When you purchase this application out of the giveaway period, it will cost you US$ 19.99. If you download this program from this post, you will get a free copy. The team has provided a single license key. The first 100 users can activate the copy of the IObit Smart Defrag 8 program by using that. So do hurry.

What is Smart Defrag?

The Smart Defrag is a defragmentation tool that permits you to defrag the hard disk drive easily and quickly. For your kind information, disk fragmentation is the root cause of a slow computer. It gives a better solution for faster data access, outstanding disk performance, enhanced multi-threading defrag engine and improved defrag speed. Several uses of defragmenting the HDD include enjoying speedier game launching speed, quickly copying bigger files, etc.

You may have already noticed slow-down issues’ performance through an older computer. It takes longer to start up and begins to work as your PC ages. Smart Defrag helps to fix this problem quickly.

This application also contains Boot Time Defrag. When you configure the Boot Time Defrag, those files on HDD that cannot move while the system runs can be quickly defragmented for faster startup.

Download IObit Smart Defrag 8

The giveaway version of Smart Defrag will download from the official website link.

IObit Smart Defrag 8 License

If those Windows users have downloaded Smart Defrag 8 from this website, then those users can activate their copy using the following license:-


Please note that if you have activated a copy of Smart Defrag 8 using the license mentioned above, it will automatically expire in 6 months.

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