Free ISO Creator: A tool to create ISO image from your files and folders


The ISO format was created to archive all the software program files, including its system files, and is easily accessible. It can contain multiple files in a single file that can be downloaded easily and is mainly used for distributing large software programs with many files.

Folder2iso is a freeware program for Windows operating systems that enables you to convert folders into ISO images. However, you need to remember that the software can only be used to convert folders into ISO images; if it cannot be used for that purpose, it is useless.

In terms of functionality, Free ISO Creator is a perfect option if you wish to convert folders to ISOs. Still, there are two software packages with the same name, one developed by minidvdsoft, the other by freeisocreator, both created by the same company.

Free ISO Creator (By minidvdsoft)

There are two types of Free ISO Creators, and the first one is the Free ISO Creator. The first is a freeware application from minidvdsoft that can use to make ISO images from any files and folders on the computer, including subfolders. Creating a CD image directly with this Free ISO creator is relatively easy. It is possible to make this image from any available folders on your computer or from a CD-ROM or DVD. This software is relatively easy to use and can even operate by a novice. The ISO creator is straightforward to use in terms of ease of use as it requires no complicated settings or steps.

Selecting the appropriate button when creating an ISO image from a file/folder is essential. You can now make an ISO image of the file or folder you selected by clicking the “Save ISO as” button. After choosing the destination folder for the ISO file, click “Convert.” After that, you can now create an ISO image of the file/folder that you selected.

You can download this freeware tool from here.

Free ISO Creator(By freeisocreator)

Second, Free ISO Creator is made by freeisocreator. In function, it is similar to Folder2ISO software as it can only convert a folder to ISO, not a file to ISO. Using it, you can make an ISO file from any folder. It is pretty easy to use. To make an ISO file from a folder, download and install this tool on your computer.

After the installation, you have to run this software. Then, choose the source folder, select the destination folder, and name the file. Once you complete it, click the “Create” button. Now, you should see an ISO image file for the chosen folder.

You can download this tool from here.

Here, with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP, both applications are compatible. In my test, they worked fine on the latest operating system, Windows 11.

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