ForceDelete: A New Freeware Utility Forcibly Deletes Files and Folders Instantly


Creating and deleting folders and files is a natural part of using any operating system over a long period. Sometimes, you might be unable to delete these files or folders. That’s where force deletion can come to your rescue. In this risewindows article, we’ll show you what force deletion is and then force delete your folders or files on Windows 11.

ForceDelete for Windows 11/10

Users get the error alert “Cannot delete file: Access is denied” or “The file is used by another program”; while they try to remove files and folders on Windows machines. Then, it means these files and folders are locked in Windows and cannot remove using standard methods. So, you can try the ForceDelete tool to solve these issues and forcibly delete those files and folders.

Force Delete is a feature on Windows that overrides any conflicting processes that might prevent you from deleting any file or folder on your PC. The process stopping you from deleting a specific file or folder can be anything: a malware attack, an overriding script of some other method, permission rights, etc. The GUI and the batch command line mode are available in the single EXE file.

This utility can permanently shred your data to remove folders and files. In addition, it has a helpful feature that enables users to delete locked files and folders without terminating the processes using them.

You know that it is impossible to delete a file/folder currently open by an application. If the application crashed or is now unresponsive to mouse actions, you will have no way but to wait for the program to work again or to shut its process from the Windows Task Manager forcibly. After that, you can delete the file in question. ForceDelete is a better way and is designed precisely for fixing these problems.

Neat and Useful File Delete Tool

The GUI of ForceDelete is a straightforward and easy-to-use application. It also supports drag and drop. You can drag and drop the folders/files you want to remove onto the main window. Besides instantly deleting files in a flash, ForceDelete can close processes that used files in the first place. It is helpful, especially if you face difficulty killing off involved applications and processes. Moreover, suppose you want to make sure that nobody can make the recovery of your files. In that case, you can check the “Permanently Shred Files” option, and rest assured that all the files and folders are obliterated and out of reach for anyone, no matter their recovery program.

Context Menu Shortcuts

ForceDelete also adds two shortcuts into the context menu, allowing you to unlock or delete files by right-clicking the file easily. Of course, on Windows 11, these get added to the extended ‘Show more options’ fly-out menu. You don’t need to manually open the ForceDelete whenever they want to unlock or delete files – instead, you only need to right-click folders/files and then hit the feature you need.

Features List

  1. Force delete Folders and Files in use.
  2. Unlock Files are in use by other programs.
  3. Remove Files without killing other processes.
  4. Instantly remove Files and Folders via context menu shortcuts with one click.
  5. Permanently shred Files/Folders that will be unrecoverable.
  6. Force Delete Files using a command line.
  7. Portable ZIP Version available.
  8. Tiny in size, 801 KB only.
  9. 100% Free.
  10. Without Adware.

Download ForceDelete

You can download this tool from its official web page. The ForceDelete freeware is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Servers (64/32 bit). It is around 801 KB in size.

That’s it & Good luck, guys.

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