Fix: Windows 11 Displays the Wrong Clock Information

On Windows 11, it’s crucial to have an accurate time configured on a computer to avoid problems connecting with online services and apps since the system relies on this information for security and to function correctly. However, Windows 11 does a good job of setting and maintaining the clock information automatically, sometimes the time and date may go out of sync for many reasons.

For example, the system may lose connectivity with the online servers, the firmware’s battery may no longer hold a charge messing up the clock every time you turn on the computer, or the incorrect time zone may be configured on the device, and more. If the time on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer is always wrong or keeps changing, the cause could be anything from a dying battery to a faulty setting.

Whatever the reason it might be, Windows 11 includes various settings to fix the clock out of sync to show the correct time and date on the computer. This risewindows article will guide you on how to do that.

How to Sync Clock on Windows 11?

Follow these steps to configure the time and date issues on Windows 11, first, you should sync the clock on your Windows 11:-

Step 1. Firstly, open Windows 11 Settings.

Step 2. Now, click on Time & language in the left sidebar.


Step 3. Then, click on the Date & time tile on the right sidebar.

Step 4. After that, turn On the toggle switches “Set time automatically” and “Set time zone automatically.”

Step 5. Finally, click the Sync now button under the “Additional settings” section.

After completing the above steps, Windows 11 will start displaying the correct clock and date information.

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