Fix: Task Manager Disabled by Administrator on Windows 10

Task Manager displays the current programs, processes, and services running on your computer. You can use Task Manager to monitor your computer’s performance or to terminate non-responsive software irrespective of the Windows version you use. You can restore the administrator-disabled task manager. Along with it you can also enable a disabled task manager. How Do I Resolve “Task Manager Is Greyed Out” on Windows 10? If you are unable to open the Windows Task Manager on Windows 10, this risewindows post can help you resolve the problem.

When you try to open the Task Manager from the shortcut or Start menu, you may find the notification that says, “Task Manager has been deactivated by your administrator.”

When you try to access the Task Manager by right-clicking on the Windows Taskbar, you will find the Task Manager option greyed out. Unfortunately, that means you can not open the Task Manager from the Taskbar too.

What if you can’t open the Task Manager in Windows 10? Whenever you try to open it manually or by using shortcut keys, an error notice displays up that says, “Your administrator has disabled task Manager.”

The bottom line is that no approach will allow you to open Task Manager on your Windows 10 computer. This can be a very uncomfortable situation if you try to close an unresponsive program on your system. Furthermore, if you are unable to launch the Task Manager, you will be unable to see the tasks that are now executing on your computer.

We are going to talk about the following in this article:-

  1. Fixing Task Manager Disabled by Administrator
  2. Enable Task Manager by right-clicking the Taskbar.
  3. Fix Unable to Access Task Manager using Command Prompt

How to Fix “Task Manager Disabled By Administrator” on Windows 10 using Local Group Policy Editor?

Step 1: First, Open the Local Group Policy Editor on your computer.

Step 2: In the Local Group Policy Editor, navigate to the following path:-

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Ctrl+Alt+Del Options

Step 3: On the right side of the “Ctrl+Alt+Del Options” folder, look for the policy name “Remove Task Manager” and double-click on it to view its settings.

Step 4: Select Enabled.

Step 5: Click on Apply.

Step 6: Click on OK.

When you finish the above steps, you should not see the notification that says “Task Manager Disabled By Administrator” when you access the Task Manager. On other words, Task Manager in Windows 10 will function normally. You can also access the Task Manager by right-clicking on the empty Taskbar and selecting Task Manager from the menu options.

How to Enable Task Manager option on right-click of the Taskbar using Registry Editor?

You may enable the Task Manager option on right-clicking the Windows 10 Taskbar using the Registry. Furthermore, after following the steps below, you will no longer see the notification “task manager disabled by the administrator” when opening the Taskbar via any other way.

Step 1: Go to the Registry Editor on your computer.

Step 2: Type the following and press Enter:-


Step 3: Right-click on the Policies folder and select New, then Key. The name of the newly formed key should be “System”.

Step 4: Right-click on the System folder. Choose New and then DWORD (32-bit) value. Change the name to DisableTaskMgr.

Step 5: Double-click on DisableTaskMgr to change its Value data. Set the Data value to 0 to re-enable the Task Manager. To turn off Task Manager, modify its Value data to 1.

When you access the Task Manager after all the above steps, you will no longer see the notification “Task Manager Disabled By Administrator.” Furthermore, when you right-click on the Windows 10 Taskbar, you may select Task Manager.

How to fix Unable to Access Task Manager using Command Prompt?

Use the following steps to easily enable the Task Manager on Windows 10 using Command Prompt:-

Step 1: Open Command Prompt with an administrator privilege.

Step 2: In the elevated Command prompt, write the following and hit Enter from the keyboard to enable the Task Manager: –

REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableTaskMgr /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

Task Manager will begin working immediately after you run the above command. That implies you won’t have to restart your computer or laptop.

In case you change your mind and genuinely want to disable the Task Manager, execute the following command on the elevated Command Prompt:-

REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableTaskMgr /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

That is it.

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