Fix: Programs & Apps Starts Automatically in Windows 10

Apps you install on Windows 10 can sometimes configure themselves to run automatically on startup, and they can also configure background services that start every time you boot your computer. While they can come in handy, over time, the list of apps and services running on startup can grow, slowing your boot time, affecting battery life, and impacting overall system performance.

Usually, applications include the necessary settings to block them from starting alongside Windows 10, but it’s a lot easier to use Task Manager to do so. This risewindows post teaches how to completely stop programs and apps from starting automatically in Windows 10.

How to stop programs or apps from automatically loading with Windows 10 using Task Manager?

There is an option to load programs automatically with Windows 10. While it is an excellent option to launch the favorite and necessary programs with Windows 10 automatically, many third-party programs automatically add themselves to the startup folder, which is unnecessary and slows down your PC performance. To prevent programs from loading automatically with Windows 10 startup, perform the following steps:-

Step 1. First, start the Task Manager by right-clicking on an empty place on the taskbar and then selecting the Task Manager option.

Step 2. Now, if the Task Manager opens with fewer details, click More details for its full version.

Step 3. After that, navigate to the Startup  tab. You will see a list of Startup app that starts. So, right-click on the program you want to stop from automatically launching. Click the Disable option. If you need to stop more than one startup program, you need to do it one by one.

How do programs or apps stop automatically loading with Windows 10 using the Settings app?

Windows 10 automatically reopen or start programs and apps after restarting your computer with the default configuration. If you want to turn off or stop the automatic startup of the programs on Windows 10, do the following steps:-

Step 1. First, open the Settings app by pressing Windows + I keys simultaneously.

Step 2. Now, click the Accounts category.

Step 3. Then, click the Sign-in options from the left-side menu.

Step 4. After that, on the right side, scroll down the page to see the Privacy section.

Step 5. Finally, turn off the toggle labeled “Use my sign-in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update or restart.”

Once you complete the above steps, you can close the Settings app page. Windows 10 will no longer automatically restore or reopen programs after the restart of your PC.

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